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Thermoforming out of plastics

A convincing combination of shape, color and function.

Vacuum thermoforming, also called hot forming, is the name given to the process of "pulling" a heated plastic sheet over a model and extracting the air bubble created between model and plastic sheet by means of a vacuum. This produces a technical vacuum molding that reproduces the original model exactly on its inner skin!

Especially due to the combination of molding, coloring and function this process is used in industry design. Classical fields of application of vacuum thermoforming are bonnets and panels of all kinds for machinery and plant engineering as well as manufacturing component parts for the automotive industry.

According to the very wide range of applications and requirements required by your application, we provide in each case the proper material for fabrication. We process the following materials as standard: ABS, PE, PC, PET, PMMA XT, PP, PS and PVC.

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