Our grinding discs for profile sanders and custom designs guarantee maximum grinding performance by obtaining profile consistency. Your benefit: shorter processing times and highest accuracy of your workpieces.

Fischler quality for exact accuracy of size and form


Profile sanding discs and special sanding discs:

The quality of our valuable profile sanding discs has constantly been improved and adapted to latest processing technologies since the foundation of our business segment wood processing in 1964. Our clients count on proven Fischler quality as well as on our flexibility. Developing sanding discs in our own in-house lab we can respond to your specific needs on tooling.

These elastically bonded abrasives are provided in two sizes according to EN 12413.

Technical Data:

D = 200 mm, H = 76 mm, T = 10 - 140 mm for max. speed 1950 rpm, 20 m/s

D = 150 mm, H = 30 mm, T = 10 - 140 mm (for spindle molding) for max. speed 3000 rpm, 20 m/s

For the D = 150 mm variants, clamping or reducing flanges have to be used to cover 2/3 of the disc. These discs are calculated at disc thickness "T", which can be ordered from 8 mm to 140 mm in steps of 1mm.

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Our Models

Model 3009

MODEL 3009

Hartwoods and MDF
Model 3033

MODEL 3033

Grind Paint (MDF)
Model F17


Soft fleece disc

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