Plastics moldings and abrasives have been the focus of our company for more than 50 years. Thereby maximum precision and an uncompromising innovative drive are our distinguishing features.


Tradition commits us to success.

  • 1964: Foundation in Augsburg: Franz Fischler gets into the wood-processing business with his own company.
  • 1966: The company moves to K√∂nigsbrunn near Augsburg.
  • 1968: Production is expanded: Fischler gets an appointed expert in plastics, specializing in vacuum molding.
  • 1977: Successful entry into the prototype production segment
  • 1979: Establish NC-controlled manufacturing systems
  • 1990: Conversion to a GmbH & Co.KG
  • 1997: First certification to DIN ISO 9002
  • 2001: One of the first German plants to attain certification to the new DIN EN 9001:2000 standard
  • 2004: A new machine hall is built for model construction.
  • 2009/10: Construction of an additional warehouse
  • 2016: Introduction of a data exchange portal as a customer service

Scope of Services

Professional cutting-edge CAD planning, representation and design

Prototype construction even for small lots by different manufacturing techniques (hot forming, injection molding and castings made of PU or silicone)

In-house modeling and tooling construction

High-grade plastic thermoformed parts up to 2500 x 1500 x 1000 mm (also including complex assemblies)

Use of a wide variety of plastics and surface finishes (fiber-reinforced, film-coated, laminated, flocked, printed, painted etc.)

Plastic parts finished on CAD/CAM-controlled 5-axis milling machines according to CAD data


Our focus is on the cutomer

"Our focus is on the customer" is the most important guiding principle in our company.

Our success is solely rooted on the degree of your satisfaction. To all products and services our long-term value proposition is keeping these promises to you:

  • You cooperate with us in partnership.
  • You get a solution fitting to your individual requirements.
  • You benefit from top products and economic efficiency by our constant improvement of quality and lead times.
  • By using the latest technologies we reduce the consumption of energy and raw materials as well as optimizing performance processes and products.

We bring insights into the facts how shorten response times and takeover environmentally responsibility both go hand in hand with high-level quality of products and services. With uncompromising innovation we combine quality, environment protection and economic efficiency to your advantage.