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Our new product for continuous high-precision work

Our new model SANDY-W1 is designed based on the latest technology of professional profile sanders. Supplied as standard with a compensating cylinder the SANDY-W1 maintains a steady pressure on the profile strip. Even if the surface of the material is lightly affected, you can count on best results. The sanding pressure can be individually adjusted.

The infinitely variably of the swivel angle is the most important benefit of the sanding unit. So the machine identifies the length of the sanded strips and automatically adjusts the feed rate of the sanding disc. Due to its Moeller control system the SANDY-W1 is very easy to operate.

Technical Data:

Sanding discs up to 200 mm diameter; width up to 100 mm; belt feed infinitely adjustable from 3 - 30 m / min; belt width 150 mm; sanding motor rating 2.2 kW; speed infinitely adjustable up to 1800 rpm

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