Every craftsman knows: Professional work can only be accomplished with a good set of tools. So at sanding work highest accuracy of size and form can only be achieved by the use of the appropriate abrasives. Our customers therefore trust on profile sandings of Fischler for more than 50 years.

If you want more than just a smooth surface.

Areas of application for profile sanding:

After the solid wood profiles have been milled, they have to get prepared for varnishing. Only by the use of our profile sandings you reach perfect results due to a perfect finish: unblemished smooth with preserving the profile. Only one time grinding is enough!

By the use of different abrasives and grain sizes as well as variable settings of the chemical bonding we are able to meet your individual specifications with highest precision. Since the foundation of the Fischler company in 1964 abrasive products have been developed and produced. Our experience and our passion for craft make our tools unique in terms of precision and reliability.

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